Paper Bottle - The Ultimate Sustainable Packaging Swop

Every one of our Paper Bottles sold removes approximately 40grams of single use plastic from circulation!!  Thats one less plastic bottle to worry about ending up in our oceans...with the ability of paper bottles naturally biodegrading without leaving behind micro plastics, it makes sense to switch from plastic bottles to paper bottles where ever possible.


Sustainable, plastic free, paper bottles replacing single use plastic is now a reality with the eco-mate range of laundry liquids by SUPA Products.  This is the first 100% plastic free true Paper Bottle to hit the market with no metal or plastic components just bio material in it's construction. Every other paper bottle being touted by large companies either has a plastic bottle of plastic bag hiding inside which defeats the object!

Consumers are smarter than that and they want true plastic free paper based bottles that will biodegrade naturally (without the worry of micro plastics) if and when they get descarded through littering and unreliable recycling systems.

33% of all single use plastic waste leaches into our eco systems every day, so the more single use plastic bottles that are replaced by nature based paper bottles, the better it is for our planet and our future. 

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